Working from home has its luxuries — hello, answering emails from bed — but I’ve found that to do my best work I need a clean and dedicated workspace. Much of the apartment is decorated with moody, dark colors, but I wanted my office to feel fresh and bright. Luckily, it gets the best light in the house. As a renter, the remodel was a balancing act of effort and reward. Knowing the walls would be mostly covered by bookcases and artwork, we skipped painting. When we moved in, the landlord had installed blinds but I added sheer curtains to better diffuse the light (and hide the unsightly blinds.) Choosing to keep the redesign simple, I focused on three things.

First, I wanted a large desk that wouldn’t feel bulky or heavy. To achieve this, I didn’t get a desk at all. Instead, I opted for a dining table that allows me to spread out whether I’m writing a story or making jewelry. Plus, the white surface is great as an Instagram backdrop and is easy to wipe down after a day of DIY.

The next priority was plenty of storage. Even with my best efforts to cull my book collection and not hoard every craft and art supply possible, the bookcases I had were overflowing and seriously jumbled. I lived in fear of an avalanche of oil paints. Selecting bookcases that have hidden storage below finally gave me the appearance of organization. And they almost look built-in, right?

Once everything was organized, it was starting to look just a little too white. I’m a color girl, so knew I needed to bring in some super-saturated art. You can read more about my process of designing a gallery wall with UGallery here. I have to admit, I often move my chair so I can admire the photography while working! Plenty of plants add another major splash of color and make me feel like I’m writing at an outdoor café. The end result? My bed is now exclusive for sleeping. And Netflix.

See the space and get my tips for your own home office in the slideshow.