One would expect the office of an interior design startup to be as streamlined and styled as its own app. While the recently revealed office of Hutch now matches the pastel hues and easy-to-navigate flow of the interior design platform and mobile app, it wasn’t always so. First there was the hunt all across Los Angeles for the perfect space – and then waiting for it to finished being constructed. When the team finally moved in, in March of last year, CEO Beatrice Fischel-Bock knew it wasn’t the financial time to put money into a big redesign. After raising Hutch’s most recent round of funding, however, she was ready to take the plunge. 

Of course, there was one major purpose for the wait: getting to use Hutch to design the space. Beatrice and Hutch’s VP of Design and Brand, Aisling Mittman, collaborated to design a space that reflects the company’s brand and serves as an enjoyable and comfortable workspace for the growing team. 

As a startup, time and money are always tight so even though Beatrice and Aisling knew the app well, they had to get creative with their choices. Aisling says, “We are a scrappy start-up, so we had to make sure every dollar spent was right. For example, when approaching the outdoor dining space, we found these great stacking stools on Hutch that were six for $50. We had to plan seating for 30, and it was a cute and affordable option.”

Hutch mixes 3D technology with online shopping to let you virtually decorate your space, whether your bedroom, nursery, living room or dining room. What it doesn’t currently offer is designing large offices. Undeterred, Beatrice and Aisling knew they wanted to create a comfortable home-like space and repurposed Hutch to serve their purpose. Aisling says, “To decorate the conference rooms, we used our dining room template. Since those rooms are not too big, we knew we could repurpose standard size dining tables and chairs to create comfortable meeting spaces. All of the common spaces and conference rooms were designed using Hutch. It was fun to see how all the pieces would work together, and how we could filter down the price brackets to find things that would fit within our budget.”

See what they created in the slideshow!