For those who might not yet be listeners of the podcast “Earn Your Happy“, its host Lori Harder is a force to be reckoned with: a three-time fitness world champion, cover model, and author, any one of her achievements would be something to be immensely proud of. But her warmth and helpful fitness and mindfulness tips that she imparts on her podcast gave her even more success – which is why her studio needed a desperate makeover, a space that reflected her through and through.

Lori worked with designer Ashley Scott of Scout Modern to transform her dark and mismatched podcast studio into the calming, earthy oasis that it is today. Lori really wanted her space to include influences from the Greek Island of Mykonos and to include lots of natural elements, especially plants. “Besides Mykonos and her Pinterest board I was really inspired by Lori,” Ashley said, “she has a great energy (and great personal style!) and I wanted the space to reflect that. I started by choosing a couple statement items for the room- mixing natural elements, vintage pieces (like the hemp kilim rug), and artisan finds played a big role.”

The biggest purchase, both in size and in price was the live-edge desk that encapsulated what Lori wanted so beautifully. “I remember telling her that if she chose nothing else I’d proposed, that the desk was a must for the space,” Ashley explained, “it has a beautiful ashy undertone and it screams ‘earthy Mykonos vibes’. Besides the desk which serves as a great focal point in the room, Ashley considered the functional elements of the studio. The seating had to be just right to make sure that both Lori and her guests had the right posture to record and feel at ease. A cozy high-back armchair serves as Lori’s everyday seating and two black side chairs for the guests. “I integrated two black accent chairs that she already owned and styled them with tie-dyed linen pillows to soften the contrast a bit, and add much-needed back support,” the designer said.

The significant changes that Ashley made to Lori’s podcast studio set just the right mood for “Earn Your Happy”. “The studio is now a light, bright and energetic workspace that feels very much like Lori!”