Often new construction can take on a generic, works-for-anyone aesthetic, but that definitely does not apply to this recent project by Kendra Nash, of Nash Design Group. As it was new construction, Kendra tried to create a space that could appeal to all different types of buyers, but her creativity showcases the possibilities the home offers. She says, “I could see this being a very family friendly home since we made sure to use materials throughout that were extremely durable and the main spaces were open to one another.” Turns out, the hardest part was letting go. “Once the property sold, all of us on the project were happy for the new owners, but really sad that this project came to an end. There was such a dream team working on this one.”

What is the layout of the home and how did that affect your design?
The architect did a great job of uniting the spaces rather than making individual ones. We are definitely seeing that as a trend with a lot of the new construction clients we have. They really all want to be together and be able to fit as many people possible in one space. In this particular floor plan, the living room, dining room, kitchen and family room are all open to one another. It was important to make sure the materials connected, since you would be able to see everything within one space. We made sure that the tones, movement, and colors all united. That way it makes it easy to add the layers of art and furniture- someone can really develop their personality in the space.

What was your inspiration for the space?
The views are outstanding on this property and making sure the California idea of indoor/outdoor living was considered. We wanted the space to have a natural element as well; therefore we used a natural white oak floor and beams throughout with bright white custom cabinetry and white walls all the while mixing our metals, which is a signature theme with Nash Design Group. We love to mix oil rubbed bronze with chrome. People don’t realize that it is much more pleasing to the eye, versus being too matchy matchy.

Kendra shares her favorite details and a tour of the home in the slideshow!