When beauty influencer Deepica Mutyala moved from her West Village apartment to midtown, she had two initial goals with the space: better light and a doorman. “It just makes more sense for my career at this point in my life,” she explains, referencing her popular YouTube channel that features makeup tutorials, product reviews, and all things beaty. She exclaims, “The big windows have been a game changer!”

She reached out to Homepolish for help with her fresh start. When it came to the design, she had a few important things in mind. “The biggest thing I wanted was a separation from my work,” Deepica explains. “Being that I work from home, I wanted to somehow make it so I could divide the space to have an almost at home office space that I could walk away from and not see my work when I’m trying to relax.” As a self proclaimed workaholic, she can only truly relax when her work is totally out of sight. Deepica was worried that she wouldn’t be able to make this happen in a small studio space, but, as most makeovers with Homepolish go, magic happened.

We sat down wit Deepica’s Homepolish designer Amy Row to talk more about the process:

Hi Amy! How would you describe Deepica’s vision?
Deepica was looking for a bright beautiful apartment where she felt interview ready. She really wanted her home to reflect her personality, and also be a multi-functional space where she could film, entertain, or just relax.

How did you bring that vision to life?
I used metallics and mirrors throughout the apartment to really bounce the light and keep it bright and fresh. We’re talking mirrored vanity, mirrored credenza, entryway mirror, full length mirror, copper, brass, silver, gold.

To personalize the space, we drew from her Indian Heritage, framing her grandmothers Sari above the couch and we showcased her personality with a customized “be bold” motto in neon for above the bed.

Do you feel like there were any products or pieces that really “made” the space?
Deepica and I talked a lot about using unique special pieces in her home and I think the most fun and unexpected find is the copper chair we used for her vanity, from ABC Carpet and Home. Something as simple as a desk chair is an opportunity to showcase your personality, and like Deepica, the piece we chose is bright, bold, and unique. I absolutely love it.

Were there any challenges in the process and if so, how did you overcome them?
The biggest challenge was creating separation between the different living spaces in a small studio apartment. This was especially important for Deepica so that she could step away from her work at the end of the day. To do this, I surrounded the bed with a type of canopy using the dreamiest floor to ceiling drapes suspended on brass rods. This created a bedroom corner that felt open and airy. For the office, we created an alcove separated from the living room by using open shelving that Deepica already had. This shelving was perfect because we used half of the cubbies for her makeup storage and left the other half open which allowed the light from the large windows to spill through into the rest of the apartment.

What is your favorite moment in the finished space?
My favorite area in the apartment is what Deepica likes to refer to as her OOTD spot. This area is comprised of her full length mirror–a vintage find and is so so gorgeous and timeless–with her cozy sheepskin at the foot, and metallic petrified wood end table. It truly feels like its own glamorous dressing room space in the middle of the apartment.

As for Deepica’s favorite spot? “That is so hard to pick,” she laughs. “I love it all! Every detail and piece is unique but I would have to say I love how so many personal moments and things to me and my culture were incorporated into the apartment in an elevated way. Amy found a beautiful rose quartz Ganesh statue from ABC that I keep on my front entrance credenza that I’m obsessed with. I love that my grandmother’s sari is framed above my couch – it makes me think of her everyday. Lastly, I love the custom neon “be bold” sign above my bed. It’s my favorite life and beauty motto – the perfect thing to wake up to everyday!” See? It’s just a bit of Homepolish magic.