Designer Samantha Reitmayer Sano and her creative partner Joslyn Taylor are the collaborative brain power behind Swoon, the studio. The multi disciplinary design firm specializes in luxury branding, graphic design, art direction, and interior design. They recently completed a project for a repeat customer that delivers all of our favorite things – modern classics mixed with vintage pieces, airy white rooms, oh, and a reading library. We talked to the designers to learn more!

First, tell us a bit about this project and who it was for?
This was a new home for our client. When she moved in, the space was a lot darker and more traditional. The layout and bones were good, but there was a need to strip things back a bit so you could see the lovely details.

Our client works in finance but has passion for art and an appreciation for handcrafted, artisan goods. She’s incredibly well-traveled and is always collecting images of inspiring spaces on her trips.

Since this was the third space we’ve worked with our client, we had created a sort of design short hand that made the project feel really organic and easy from the start. We went back and forth a bit on how minimal vs. layered we wanted some of the rooms to feel, but in general we were in sync on the direction from the beginning. It was a dream situation as designers.

Sounds like it! With such as strong relationship with your client, what was your starting place for this design?
Our client feels a strong connection with Marfa, Texas and New Mexico, with a particular fondness for Georgia O’Keeffe’s home and studio in Abiquiu, so that soulful wide-open desert landscape and artful vibe served as our jumping off point. To that end, we painted all the walls Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White to open things up and provide a backdrop for the awesome art and books she’s amassed over the years. We then layered in vintage rugs and furnishings with sculptural new pieces to create a collected, textural feel.

We imagine despite the dreamy inspiration, it wasn’t all simple. Where there any particular challenges?
The house doesn’t get a ton of natural light so figuring out how to keep things bright and airy was our main opportunity. It was all about that white paint and semi-sheer white Belgian linen drapes.

How did this space differ from a typical Swoon Studio project, if at all?
All of our projects differ in that we design spaces that reflect the individual aesthetic and sensibility of each of our clients. We’re really comfortable shifting between styles and never want a space to feel overly decorated or about “us.” We have some “signature moves” like lots of greenery, art, books, and vintage pieces, but the ultimate goal is to bring our client’s personality to life through their home in the most interesting, compelling, beautiful way possible.

See the whole project in the slideshow!