India Mahdavi has designed residences, boutiques, hotels, restaurants (including the Instagram favorite Sketch), and her own furniture line. Born in Tehran, and raised in France, America, and Germany, she says her upbringing imbued her with a sense of wonder and wanderlust. A childhood of frequent moves sparked her interest in designing spaces. She says, “We moved so much as a family that I never really had a family home and I was very attached to places and it was very important to me.”

She credits her time as a child in the United States, though short, for her attraction to colorful fabrics. “My first memories belong to the cartoon world of Tex Avery, Bugs Bunny, Walt Disney; and lunch boxes filled with peanut butter sandwiches and strawberry milk. A light-hearted mix of sweetness and Technicolor®. I find in Los Angeles that same energy that inspires me, with its great expanse of sky and all the colors absorbed into the light.”

When Ladurée asked India to design their newest House in Beverly Hills, she was inspired to combine the history of the Parisian brand’s aesthetic with a decidedly American influence. She says, “I work like a portraitist. I wanted to capture the essence of Ladurée, and bring it somewhere new but through my eyes.” Her inspiration? Old Hollywood glamour and the joy of the flower-power 1970s California combine into a dreamy, groovy-yet-chic garden party that honors the signature pastel colors and Versailles spirit of Ladurée.

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