When Glossier was scouting locations for a San Francisco pop-up, a chance encounter lead to an unlikely partnership with San Francisco classic Rhea’s Café. Melanie Masarin, Head of Retail and Offline Experiences, says, “When we decided to bring Glossier to San Francisco it didn’t take long for us to realize how central food was to the local lifestyle. We came across an ad for Rhea’s Café on Craigslist and decided to stop by for lunch. After ordering almost one of everything on the menu we knew that we wanted to partner with the cafe.”

Rhea’s vintage style was the jumping off point but the team at Glossier pulled inspiration from a wide range of sources. “Creating a completely new experience allowed us to have fun with the design and take some some liberties beyond our usual brand aesthetic. We took our inspiration from Italian cafés and candy shops, retro diners and put a new spin on our usual color palette. Even with all these design changes, the space should still feel like Glossier and represent our brand values. We really aimed to make it friendly and welcoming, comfortable, accessible, and above all else, a playful place to spend time with friends.”

The exterior is painted in salmon and lilac, ready for an #accidentallywesanderson tag on the Have a Nice Day, SF mural. Inside, the diner counter has been reinvented into a vanity bar. “We wanted to recreate the feeling of togetherness of sitting at a restaurant’s bar side by side with a friend, while also offering a place for guests to sit comfortably and take the time to test our products.”

But don’t worry, Rhea’s popular fried chicken is also on offer. Glossier collaborated with James Choi, the owner of Rhea’s Café, to design a small menu perfect for sharing – and it’s decorated with Glossier’s iconic stamps and stickers.

Hurry fast, though, Glossier at Rhea’s will be around for just one month. Stop in from 11am to 8pm daily!