It’s hard to follow up the work of architectural giants, even when it involves your own home. This gorgeous mid-century house in Encino, CA was originally a masterpiece by Edward Fickett. It was built in 1958 around the concept of supreme California living – a fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces, with plenty of light coming through gigantic windows and natural materials to complete it. But now, as a life of building goes, years have gone by and new owners took over. Luckily they were just the right ones.

Warner Walcott and Jonn Coolidge are masters in their own right – Walcott is a talented ceramicist and Coolidge a famous interior photographer who has worked with Elle Decor and Tom Ford. They fell in love with this cheerful home, but they gracefully transformed it to their own needs while preserving many of the original details. They kept the floor plan and the wood-paneled ceilings but changed the tiled floor to walnut. The result is an even more cozy and welcoming home with much more pleasing acoustics.

The biggest challenge that Walcott and Coolidge faced was what to do with the kitchen. As is the case with many of this historically significant structures, for all of its beauty, times have changed, along with the practical demands of the kitchen. Walcott and Coolidge wanted more counter space but were worried about destroying the original Heath tile. Instead, they left the tile intact but got rid of the washer and dryer for more storage space and switched out old for new appliances.

With all of its bright features, we can tell that this was a truly thought-out process for the home owners. No decision was made lightly, and any changes enhanced Fickett’s original design. We love the mixture of earthy materials (leather, wood, and stone) with bright tones such as lemon yellow and white. It works perfectly with the ideal California lifestyle. Now all you’d need is Tom Collin’s in a melamine glass and a vintage one-piece.

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