Destination homes can sometimes be too theme-y: seashells for beachside properties, animal busts for cabins, and boat memorabilia for lake houses. But thankfully there are some that break the mold and present something completely different. We were enchanted by this lake-side project by McAlpine Booth & Ferrier in Lake Martin, Alabama, for that exact reason. The sophistication of the architecture and decoration was extremely high, and the fact that it was built for waterside enjoyment just made it all that much better.

With the architectural structure already complete, interior decorator Susan Ferrier had to bring out it’s best features. For obvious reasons the grand living room with soaring ceilings was a particularly crucial room, where such a large space could easily become uninviting (the exact opposite of what you want for a lake house). Ceiling to floor curtains and inky upholstery brought out the living room’s best features. The moody tones contrasted the cypress wood panelling and the curtains warmed up the oversized windows. Susan also chose a statement chandelier to fill up the vertical negative space with something impactful.

A great trick that Susan used in the bedroom was to continue the moody tones of the living room into the bedroom but in lighter shades, making it a more welcoming space for rest. She knew that the primary goal of a lakeside house is to be comfortable for entertainment but also relaxing at the end of the day.

This is certainly a dream home for all its grandeur and comfort. We can certainly imagine ourselves enjoying the outdoor spaces on a hot sunny day or curled up in a blanket on a foggy afternoon. Also, while this home’s design challenges are certainly “nice” problems to have, it’s important to know that all spaces can either be decorated spectacularly well or have it’s key features thrown off by the right decisions. Even our dream homes need a bit of artfulness to make them look as gorgeous as this.

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