The salons of Europe may be a thing of the past, but that kind of ambiance is still something many of us covet. For the vivacious Italian owner of this feminine apartment, the idea of creating a home for herself inspired by her penchant for old-world charm was something she could only achieve with the help of interior designer Sasha Bikoff. Both knew exactly what this space should be–a jewel box filled with feminine design references from Marie-Antoinette to the roaring twenties and the sexy seventies.

With her children already grown, the home-owner wanted the apartment to be about her enjoyment. She wanted a glamorous home with hidden spaces and luxurious details. The transformation of the original apartment, bland and basic, began in the bedroom–the space that was most important for the client. To give it even more of a jewel-box feel, Sasha tiled the ceiling with antique mirror and lined the walls with ivory silk. Pieces like the Murano glass chandelier, the antique Renzo Rutili dresser with the star hardware, and a dress-form with vintage Chanel, served as a tribute to feminine glamour of the last century.

The real show-stopper of the apartment, however, is without a doubt the sofa–Sasha took the risk and made a bid that went over budget to secure this vintage piece. “I knew that I had to have it,” she said, “it made all the difference to introduce an interesting shape in a rectangular cookie cutter shaped room.” It isn’t just the shape that sets this sofa apart, the taupe mohair and brass base tie in luxury to this coquettish piece. Finally, to bring in a contemporary element, Sasha included a large painting of an ice-cream cone by Donald Baechler–that along with the pastry upholstery are a toungue-in-cheek reference to Marie-Antoinette’s ‘let them eat cake’ quote.

All in all, this bachelorette pad is the expression of a feminine fantasy, filled with glamorous details that make it larger-than life. We love to see someone with such a clear vision collaborate with such a talented designer to bring us something that is truly unique.