“A New York City attitude,” — that’s the clear direction that a young and vibrant family of five gave Carl D’Aquino of D’Aquino Monaco and his team when they hired them to completely redesign their home in Back Bay, Boston. Having seen their work on a relative in New York’s home, they knew that Carl’s team were just the right people to work on their space — a four storied tenement brownstone that had to be converted into a home for a family with two young boys and a girl.

“Based on that as a starting point, we knew that they had a great appreciation for color and modern design,” Carl shared with us about his first meetings with the clients. Having an appreciation for color and texture, the team at D’Aquino Monaco weren’t afraid of adding a dose of exuberance to the design. Venetian plastered walls in the living room, wall paper in the bedrooms and bathrooms, there’s certainly nothing quaint about the space.

Yet the building didn’t start out that way: “When we started, the building had become a tenement and architecturally we completely reconfigured the interior, adding new stairs, an elevator and a new top floor family room with a terrace,” Carl shared, “The only remaining element of the original house were the exterior walls, everything within was demolished and redesigned.” One of the most breathtaking features is the custom bannister that was designed for the new staircase which was worked on by artisans. “The open welded metal detailing of the stair railings greatly adds to the openness and lightness of the design,” he said. Sky lights were also added to the new top floor to bring in light into the inner hallways and bottom floor.

Not just through the interior architecture of the space did the D’Aquino Monaco team achieve the New York City flair that the homeowners wanted. They designed custom area rugs, including the stunning striated one in the living room that brings in texture and tonality to the space. The lighting — ceiling, wall, floor and table fixtures — is the part of the interior design that shows off the design team’s finess. The double brass chandeliers in the living room are a spot on choice for a couple that loves classic modern design. The brass wall sconces work well to compliment the neutral blues and grays of the living room. “They were so happy with the final result of their Boston home,” Carl concluded, “that they commissioned us to design the architecture and interiors of a new country home from the ground up in Vermont.”