Though it seems like there are nail salons on every other block in Los Angeles, resident Lauren Caruso found herself fed up with the lack of quality options and frustrated by the mistreatment of manicurists in the field. She decided to take matters into her own hands and create the type of place she’d like to go. Color Camp, LA’s new manicure bar, is officially here and ready to revamp an industry that sorely needs it.

Lauren’s passion for cultivating an outstanding customer experience developed while working for Disney theme parks and she’s bringing the same level of attention to Color Camp. Her priority was to make sure guests would receive a manicure experience that is clean, consistent, stylish, and most importantly — in line with the expectations of today’s consumers. Naturally, this also involves a super cute, totally Instagrammable space.

Lauren tapped Nina Hans, founder of Weekday Studio, to develop the branding. While designing, Nina partnered with architect J. Byron-H to bring her branding vision to life. They explained, “Color Camp wanted to evoke a sense of playful discovery and avoid the predictable, cluttered environment often associated with contemporary nail salons. Instead, a bright white space is enlivened with bold shapes.” Consistency is key in the design of Color Camp, as you’ll see circles, semi-circles, concave and convex shapes across bolsters, tables, shelving, doorways and branding. Though the space is mostly white, pops of vibrant blue show up in the form of custom furnishings by Chris Earl. Industrial materials like concrete and steel contrast with the back wall’s effervescent gradient of pinks, oranges, and blues (inspired by LA’s own skyline). Dare we say it… it’s the perfect spot to snap your cute nails when you’re done.

As for the manicures, they’re top notch. The team at Color Camp works hard to make sure they’re offering the season’s top trends, not to mention creating a few of their own. When we were there, the most popular option on the menu was a manicure with dried flowers artfully arranged on each nail. (Though, we went for a pink half moon.) The experience is relaxing, not just because of the space itself but because you know their team’s commitment to cleanliness is above all else. We say, skip happy hour at the bar tonight and hit Color Camp’s manicure bar instead! See you there?