She wanted touches of pink, he wanted to rein it in. Homeowners Anna and Jeff both knew that they wanted their home to have a West Coast boho and beachy style, but her newfound love with the ever so popular color is where they differed. Thankfully, hiring designer Rachel Harrison helped them find middle ground as well as transform their new house into the perfect home for a family and their two dogs. 

It wasn’t that their home in its original state was that bad – the kitchen had been renovated by the previous owners, for example – but in some cases, it just missed the mark. “The kitchen island and shelves were in a dark wood and we wanted to freshen them up,” Rachel shared, ” the floors were a light wood but not quite the right color and pretty dinged up.” The popcorn ceilings and carpeted stairway, however, had to go. “The home had great bones and an excellent layout,” the designer said, “however it was looking too well lived in.”

As for the decor, the couple decided to start completely fresh. Except for some artwork and a sofa downstairs in the recreation room from their previous home, they had little else. “Anna and I were very aligned on the design vision,” Rachel explained,”we co-created the space together chatting about furniture options and making sure the feeling of the home was clear and resonated with the design vision.  The process was collaborative and therefore anything they didn’t like was decided before it was purchased, leaving no surprises in the final outcome.” For the living room, they went for a clean and airy palette. Weathered woods and beach like materials were included to give warmth. Bolder choices such as the patterned wallpaper were reserved for smaller spaces like the guest bathroom and powder room, which speaking of, was where Rachel was able to satiate Anna’s love of pink without “overloading” the house.