With one location in Santa Monica, sleepwear brand Lunya has just opened their first store on the East Coast, in the heart of NYC’s Nolita neighborhood. Their aim is to build more than a store, but to create a community space with planned monthly events. The New York Bedroom, as the minimalist space been christened, has a series of bedroom vignettes for customers to explore as they debate between Lunya’s innovative Restore or Cool collections. We spoke to founder and CEO Ashley Merrill to learn more about what makes the space unique.

A big element of your retail model is focused on community. How have you made your store in Santa Monica a gathering place, and what do you have planned to make that happen in NYC?
The calendar is a mixture of planned events around topics and speakers that interest and inspire us and our girl. We try to keep it super organic and authentic, taking inbound interest from our existing audience into consideration. We have a huge New York audience that is extremely loyal so we’re looking forward to supporting and integrating these events into the local area.

Will the experience of the NYC store differ from the Santa Monica outpost?
The in-store experience and events calendar is largely dictated by the local community. Our store is a resource to many groups looking to learn and grow and ultimately a lot of the programming is created through requests and interests of our Lunya audience. The New York store experience will be dictated the same way so it may differ due to the east-coast audience.

Sorry to play favorites, but we’d love to know: what is your favorite Lunya item right now?
I’m really loving the Washable Silk Tee Set we recently introduced. It has an oversized relaxed fit with clean lines and luxe look that’s the perfect blend of sophistication and cool.