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This apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, was a first purchase for a young family of three. With spectacular panoramic views and clean lines, the apartment begged for a more modern look than the traditional style furniture that the homeowners brought with them. So they solicited the help of Décor Aid‘s Senior Interior Designer, Sophia, to start over and give the space a more updated look.

The owners wanted three spaces in their living room: one for sitting, another for eating, and one for reading. With the room’s awkward shape, this posed a bit of a challenge, but Sophia grounded the design with a large area rug establishing the seating area. “We sourced low-profile furniture pieces so as to not disrupt the stunning sight lines,” she said. From the sofa to the chairs and even the chest at the far end of the living room, nothing went above the sight lines so that the view could be enjoyed. “We also took a risk on the jewel-tone chairs,” she explained, “They give the space a lot of depth, without distracting the eye, and they perfectly complement the other blue accents in the room.” The result is a cohesive living and dining area that gives the calm and relaxing feel that the homeowners were striving for.