When Brianna Jones-Sheehan, an interior designer, and her husband Ryan, a custom homebuilder, were first engaged, they began the search for perfect place to build their home. “Ryan and I were driving around looking at real estate opportunities and on the way back we decided to turn down one of the few roads we had never been down before,” said Brianna. “Low and behold there was a ‘for sale’ sign peeking up through the overgrown grass on an empty lot. Thirty days later the lot was ours and we were sitting with our architect at our dining room table, brainstorming the type of home we wanted to build.”

Built from scratch, they designed their home from the ground up, drawing from previous projects to determine what they wanted for the structure of their home. However, not all of the planning was smooth sailing — both being in the home design business meant that they each had their own aesthetic point of view. After going back and forth on what approach they should taking, they decided to work together to figure out what looked best for the space rather than a piecemeal aesthetic that pleased neither him nor her. Before moving in to their new home together, the couple decided that it was the perfect opportunity to start completely fresh. “Over the next year we sold or donated almost everything we owned, down to our three combined coffee makers,” explained Brianna.

Functionality in their new home was key — they knew that over time their family would grow, so considering how the space was laid out was an important point. Their great room and kitchen with a walk around pantry was one of their favorite spaces to design, where the flow allows for easy entertaining. They chose a clean, modern aesthetic with rustic details such as a pebbled backsplash in their bathroom and waxed wood floors that would last the test of time.

These choices soon paid off — after five months of moving in, Brianna found out she was pregnant. “A quick lighting change and a custom wood and glass door unit provided separation from the front foyer, transforming what was an open, formal dining room, to a contained yet visible playroom,” she said with a smile. “The room we envisioned using the least is now one of the most popular rooms in the house.” The excitement of such monumental life changes helped offset the challenges of building a home completely from scratch. “It made the craziness of taking on such a big project, keeping up with our professional life and planning a wedding all at the same time worth it!”