The dream of every city-dweller is to find that unicorn of a property that has tons of architectural potential and space. The Novogratz’ Chelsea townhouse in Manhattan still sticks with us! So when the owners of this home came across a former factory in the center of Prague, they knew that it was something unique, full of possibilities.

The contractor who had made the space habitable, before the couple purchased the space, made just the most basic of renovations. Plastic windows, for example, were put in, instead of ones that would make the space’s architectural bones stand out.

When architect Klára Valová of SMLXL studio was hired to transform it into something that had more character and charm, the first thing she did was make sure that there was a cohesive theme running throughout the space. Concrete, gray wood, and Corian were used as a reference to shipping containers and the building’s overall industrial feel. Hanging swings at the kitchen island and curtains were hung to show off the ceiling height (11 ft high!).

Since the space wasn’t perfectly rectangular Kiara decided to play with two different types of flooring. Concrete was used in more functional areas like the kitchen, dining and living room, while warmer wood floors were used in the bedrooms and living areas.