Elizabeth Stamp spends quite a deal of time looking at gorgeous homes, due to her work as a writer at interior design magazines and websites (Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, and more!) But when it came time to design her own home, she knew she wanted a collaborator and turned to Homepolish designer Marissa Bero.

For Marissa, Elizabeth was a dream client. “From the beginning Elizabeth was very open to being adventurous with art, color and pattern (my three favorite things). She likes an eclectic mix of new and vintage, which is my go to when designing a space. The re-design was a big departure from her previous space because Elizabeth, like many of my clients, had transitioned from grad school into her career and then buying her first place and was now ready to set down some roots and invest in her space with the goal of creating a home that reflected her style and personality. There was a lot of purging of pieces that had been with her since college. She trusted my vision, which is one of the best compliments a designer can ask for and I could not be more thrilled with the result.”

There was one major change during the project, according to Elizabeth. “When Marissa and I started the project it was just me, but partway through my boyfriend moved in. Fortunately, he didn’t have any furniture and was fine with whatever I wanted to do. I did ask him if he had any preferences, I swear!” says Elizabeth. Both comedy writers by night, the duo spends a lot of time working on their various projects. “Usually I’ll be on the settee in the breakfast nook and he’ll be on the sofa in the living room. We make dinner together most evenings and it’s wonderful to sit at the table with a glass of wine and talk about our days.”

Their shared goal was an “eclectic modern space that was playful yet sophisticated with an artful twist: bold colors, a generous dose of pattern, metallic finishes and a carefully-curated collection of art and vintage accents.” To that end, Marissa selected a bold and saturated primary palette in the living room with poppy red, lemon yellow, navy and French blue. It feels modern and playful in contrast to the bedroom where things get more romantic. “The jewel toned bedroom is a mix of bold turquoise and sapphire with creamy whites and metallic silver accents. “The result is dreamy and glamorous,” says Marissa. The design also incorporates several pieces with deep meaning for Elizabeth. “We incorporated her grandmother’s chair and ottoman which we had reupholstered as well as her grandmother’s jewelry chest, sewing table and charming art deco watercolor paintings. As a writer, Elizabeth also had an enormous collection of books, which we dedicated an entire wall of her living room to.”

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