When two busy tech execs in Chicago approached designer Erin Chlaghmo of Relativity Textiles, they wanted their home of three years to finally feel put together. “In the family room, there was a loveseat sofa, a 5×7 rug, and a grand television; that’s it! I was as if they had just moved in,” Erin explains. The family needed to purchase a lot of furniture and accessories to make their home feel more complete.

Erin presented them with two options, each with a rendering: “This helped them see the room two ways and choose which is more their style.” In the end, they went for an earthy, relaxed look with a mix of many different materials and textures. “The way I usually get asked to start a project is with the walls,” she said, “since the homeowner knew about my wallpaper, she asked me for a consultation and we agreed on ‘Boteh Slate’ wallpaper.” Erin complemented the wallpaper with a dark gray paint for the other walls in the family room. She chose a Saarinen round table for the snack table — both practical and design forward. The sectional was custom-made by Interior Define. “The artwork in the family room had actually been a part of their collection for many years. It’s painted by a local painter, Dennis Johnson, a long time friend of the family. It matched the rug and sofa perfectly and I pulled it from the dining room where it had been stationed to really be the centerpiece of the family room, instead.”

The dining room and living room, however, were given a slightly different look. “I chose to paint the walls Ultra White by Benjamin Moore. Not every room calls for pattern and this room called for clean and calm,” she added. By the end of the project, the homeowners were looking to find an alternative to expensive draperies. Erin used 118” curtains from IKEA that she modified to be used with the west elm curtain rods. “This quick fix saved them a couple hundred dollars, easily,” she said, “it looks classic and ties in the light fixtures with the rest of the room.”

The homeowners came to a finished home with lots of excitement. “On install day, we did a photoshoot and April, the wife, kept sending photos on her phone to her mom and sister in Texas.

She kept coming in to peek, while on work calls. She was giddy, kept repeating ‘it looks so good.’”