In just eighteen months Studio McW transformed this slightly dated Victorian townhouse into the custom home of designer Sophie Bjerke‘s dreams. In her work, Sophie collected unique pieces of furniture and designed, and therefore wanted her new home in Clapham, London to be the perfect understated backdrop for her finds.

The architects of Studio McW based the material selection and combination on Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House. “We employed a restrained palette of dark metal, walnut-wash solid oak Dinesen timber and marble to create a generous family home full of light, character, and volume,” Greg Walton, co-founder of Studio McW said. The twenty centimeters wide solid oak flooring by Dinesen had been given several washes of walnut oil for that rich matte sheen that they were looking for. In the home’s new addition, oak was again used to line the skylights, drawing visual attention to them.

The first floor of the house is almost completely occupied by the master bedroom and suite – comprising of a walk-in closet, bedroom and spacious bathroom. “We designed open wardrobes for the master bedroom which many people may be put off by but the effect is beautiful,” Greg explained. From the dressing area, you enter the master bathroom which includes a stately freestanding bathtub and an elegant shower with micro-cement walls and The Watermark Collection fixtures. “Having almost the entirety of the first floor dedicated to the master-suite feels luxurious and practical,” he said. Indeed, that can be said for the rest of Sophie’s beautifully bespoke home.