We have passionately partnered with Smith & Noble on this post to share beautiful design, but it also for it to serve as a PSA. We had heard that when you childproof a home, you put gates on stairs, plastic plugs in sockets, child proof locks on any cabinets with any cleaning solvents, and tie up any curtain cords.  All these risks are real but after listening to the heartbreaking story of a mom of twins, who lost one of her precious babies due to strangulation, we did not know just how important child safety was when selecting your window coverings. In fact, window coverings are considered one of the Top 5 hidden hazards in the home. As we all know, young children are inquisitive so making child-conscious choices now could truly save a life. Smith & Noble has made it a top priority to educate people on child safety and make child safe selections not only accessible, but beautiful.

The cordless and motorized options on all Smith & Noble products is the way to go, not only for children and pets, but also for convenience and sleek design. No one wants to look at those pesky cords dangling anyhow. The best thing about Smith & Noble though is the quality and design options they offer. With a vast and stunning inventory, there’s something to suit every style, from modern to traditional.

Smith & Noble is taking a stand and speaking out. They are offering customers $50 off every child safe purchase and are donating child safe window treatment to military families. Click HERE to learn more!