Here’s a secret: I actually prefer small space living to palatial pads, and my hunch is that many of you do, too. With no spare room to waste, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with putting every last corner of your home to good use, without sacrificing style along the way.

My husband and I live in a cozy San Francisco apartment, which means I’ve had plenty of practice making our square-footage (or lack thereof!) work double-duty. It’s forced me to hone in on a specific design point of view and stick to it, tackle clutter tenaciously, and continually edit our space down to what we absolutely love or absolutely need. It’s also taught me that we really don’t need that much ‘stuff’ to be happy- just intentional pieces and thoughtful design. In this regard, less is definitely more.

With our annual Small Spaces Issue, the editors and I are sharing all our tips on small space living and hope to inspire you to make whatever size home you live in work for you. You’ll find the best space savers and tricks (pg. 14), see how a Dallas decorator makes an unused living room work better for her needs (pg. 22), tour a garage turned office space in Cape Cod (pg. 32), visit three homes that pack a punch when it comes to making space stretch with style (pg. 62), and so much more.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired with the new issue!