Five years ago, the very first issue of Rue landed on digital newsstands. That day was filled with hope, excitement, and truth be told – many nerves. If you had asked me then, I wouldn’t have been able to wrap my head around writing my 38th (!!) edition of “Crystal’s Corner,” but here we are, five years later and I’m writing that very letter. In that time, I’ve gained an immense amount of gratitude, joy, and knowledge. So much so, that this particular letter is not the place for such reflection. In celebration of our 5th Anniversary, I’m getting a little bit personal. On pg. 42, you’ll find our usual Rue Confessional. Only this time, I’m the one confessing all things Rue and sharing every piece of experience I’ve gained along the way.

While it’s always a joy to look back, I do have to admit that all eyes are looking forward. In this issue, you’ll find the cutting edge trends you can expect to find with a crisp new season (pg. 14) and the pieces our editors are lusting after most (pg. 46). We share what we’re looking forward to as we once again make the trip to High Point Market (pg. 56) and make time to chat with a few of our favorite designers, too (pg. 34).

And as we welcome another year, we also welcome The Next Big Thing. Our annual list of the Top Designers to Watch is here, and we’ve found talent from all across the continent. In the pages ahead, you’ll be introduced to young designers who are already making waves… and whose names you’ll be referencing for years to come!

We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed creating it and that you’ll join us in celebrating five years. Cheers!

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