This weekend, we’re looking forward to one thing and one thing only: BREAKFAST! We’re torn between Savory Crepes and Praline French Toast. Something tells us we should go for both? Both sound like they’d go well with the Olympics. If you’re not tuning in tonight, we’ll happily distract you with our top links of the week: 

— We had a good laugh at the 9 trends Apartment Therapy thinks should stay in the design dustbin. We agree, sponge paint should never make a comeback!

— How charming are Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent? Take a tour of their Los Angeles home on the latest episode of Open Door

— Swoon! Camille Styles has love advice from women who’ve been married over 40 years. 

— We’re always up for changing our look, and these 3 hairstyles are stylish and approachable. 

— Intimidated by thrifting? This interview might change your mind.

— Finally, this beautifully revamped RV will make you want to live with less. 

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