Last fall, we launched our first ever regional issue– heading south to the great state of Texas. With such a grand response, we knew it wouldn’t be long before Rue was on the road again. We ventured out of the Bay and headed up the coastline until we found ourselves in the Pacific Northwest– an area full of lush green forests, sweeping ocean views, and cities with offerings unlike anywhere else in the world. From the Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains, this region is bursting at the seams with style and design inspiration.

So often, we search for ideas in the same places- eventually losing fresh inspiration all together. However, seeking out hidden gems in coastal towns (pg. 36), exploring the forest with friends (pg. 72), and even indulging in traditional PNW cuisine (pg. 64) proved to be an experience we won’t soon forget. Yet, at the end of the day- what makes the Pacific Northwest so brilliant is the people. We’ve never encountered so many talented, innovative folks in one area- and we quickly realized with this issue, that much like Mount Rainier- you’d only be seeing a small piece of the big picture.

I must admit, the Pacific Northwest is particularly sentimental to me, as I’m originally from Seattle.  No matter where I’ve called home since then (Boston, Rome, and now San Francisco), I’ve always found myself looking back to the overcast skies, unique flair, and welcoming atmosphere of the region I once called home. I am so grateful to be able to share the style, experiences, and passion of the Pacific Northwest with you. We hope you enjoy the new issue of Rue!

xx, Crystal