I’ve always found the arrival of spring to be the perfect time to reflect on how color plays a part in my life. For me, the new season usually inspires a craving for change as I take inventory of which colors most perfectly capture how I’m currently feeling. In my life, decorating with color means finding that sublime combination of hues to make my heart fill with warmth. For each of us, it’s always unique to our individual taste and style.

Everyone has an opinion about color. Either you love it or prefer to stick to neutrals. Many believe that color has to mean bright – we’re here to dispel that myth. From a “rainbow explosion” of neon pink in an electrifying Toronto home, to a subtle yet complex use of hues in Manhattan, with this issue we shed light on the diverse ways of making color all your own.

We hope the change in season inspires you as it does us, and that our first annual Color Issue is able to generate more than a few ideas on how to bring color into all areas of your life. Of course, once you reach the final page- you can still visit Rue Daily for even more inspiration. Enjoy!

x Crystal