The DetailsJAY JEFFERS: COLLECTED COOL. The Art of Bold, Stylish Interiors by Jay Jeffers with Alisa Carroll

What You’ll Find: An inspiring medley of the influential designer’s portfolio divided into four categories: Collected Cool, Bold Bespoke, Unabashed Glamour, and Casual Chic. In each section, Jeffers shares his creative process alongside tips for recreating the look in your own home.

Why We Love It: Jay Jeffers has carved a space for himself in the design industry by creating a signature style you’re not likely to see anywhere else. Known for his fearless approach, his love affair with color & pattern, and his uncanny ability to mix old & new seamlessly- you can spot a Jeffers-designed space from a mile away. His first book, Collected Cool, is a brilliant offering of his best work. Each page is more inspiring than the last… from the moment we cracked the cover, it was not returned to the shelf until every single image had been fawned over and all of our future homes had been planned. Jeffers has redefined traditional style with his vibrant point of view, and this book is the perfect documentation of that. Whether it’s a Napa Valley ranch house or a San Francisco high-rise, his point of view is clearly defined… and it’s safe to say we’re obsessed. This book is a must-have in any design lover’s library!