One of our favorite ways to spend a Saturday is wandering the local garden market. For residents of St. Simons Island, their market is just a little more stylish than the rest. Founded by Kelly Revels (an event designer) and Bryce Vann Brock (a landscape designer), The Vine Garden Market is a plant paradise. They offer landscape design and event design, blending the line between clean contemporary and southern charm. The market offers gifts, workshops, and beautiful arrangements and containers. It’s so popular that they, much to our West Coast delight, have started offering their arrangements and containers online. Now THAT’S a nice alternative to a bouquet of red roses on the 14th!  We’re chatting with the ladies to learn more about their creative and professional journeys, AND why succulents and cacti make the perfect mail-order gift.

Tell us about The Vine. What are your backgrounds, and how did you decide to open up shop?
KELLY: With a personal background in ballet, theatre and gardening, I tend to gravitate towards all things creative. Having earned a degree in Business Administration from Georgia State University in Atlanta, I faced a lack of “creative” opportunities after college. I went on to work at a software company in corporate America, yet yearned to return to my roots in expressing myself creatively. I have an extremely supportive family and husband who encouraged me to take a leap of faith, leave the security of a reliable position, and follow my passion. One consistency in my family growing up was that we were always creating amazing things fueled from our passions. Whether it be in the garden, with some sort of craft, with flowers or anything — we were always creating. My mother is quite simply my “mecca” of creativity. She has truly taught me EVERYTHING I know and from a young age instilled an imagination in me that is the driving force behind everything I do. I love nothing more than taking a clients vision and developing it into their dream come true. It may sound corny, but seeing my bride’s face when she sees her bouquet for the first time or the room that she’s always dreamed of is the reason I love doing what I do. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe that at 38 years old, I’m able to do what I love. Every single day I am surrounded by extremely talented people who share my desire to create extremely beautiful things. I love that I’m teaching my kids, Carter and Mable Louise, that hard work is always worth it when you are doing what you love. I live a very grateful life in a very beautiful place.

BRYCE: My parents started designing our house when I was in the 3rd grade. I was fascinated by everything – the architecture, the land. Early on in the project my parents hired a landscape architect to help them site the house. The property was an old camellia garden so it was FULL of all varieties of sasanquas and japonicas. I was in almost every meeting with my mom and the landscape architect. I could not believe how much attention to detail there was about the driveway, how you get to the front door, etc.. It was from that point on I began telling everyone I wanted to be a landscape architect. (At 8!!) I was fortunate enough to get accepted into the LA program at The University of Georgia. In 2001 I graduated from UGA with BA in Landscape Architecture. Residential design had always been my passion and I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity in 2001 to join the Sea Island Company in their landscape department. A few years later I became the landscape director and was heading up all of the residential landscape design for Sea Island and Saint Simons Island. I was fortunate enough to assist in the landscape design for The Cloister and once that opened I began the design for The Spa and The Beach Club landscape.

Throughout those years my job began spilling over into container gardening on the exterior as well as interior containers for The Cloister and all of the other properties. Sometime in 2007 the flower shop was put under my direction. This was way out of my comfort zone and I needed help. Kelly and I had been friends for a while and it was at the annual 2007 Georgia/Florida party at her house that we started talking about all of these amazing things that were going on. She felt the need to get back to her creative roots and it turned out to be the perfect partnership. I think she started with our team the following week! It was over the next few months that we could see a common thread between all of these clients – landscape, container, wedding and event. It seemed pretty simple to us that all lines of business needed to be under one roof. It was not the right time for Sea Island so, with their blessing, we left and that is how The Vine was born!

What services do you offer?
The Vine consists of three different yet complementary departments – Landscape Design, Events, and our Garden Market. 
One of the most rewarding aspects of doing what we do is that we have the ability to interact with our clients. We love the fact that our clients can actually visit us and share our passion for plants and flowers in our garden market. We truly believe in personal communication so the fact that our clients can interact with us personally and virtually through social media platforms is very important to us.

What can visitors expect when they arrive at the Garden Market?
Our garden market consists of hand selected plants and flowers from all over the world. Most recently, we have added gifting items and party accessories to our market. Our goal is to be a one stop shop for all types of celebrations.
 Our style is classic, unique yet unpredictable. We design and create organically. We are inspired everyday by the island that we live on and the people that surround us.

For those not on Saint Simons Island, you now offer mail order succulents! Tell us a bit about that service.
The idea of the Green Box was actually inspired by our clients. A lot of our clientele here on St. Simons live in different parts of the world. We knew that we wanted to expand our business and that we wanted to share our love of plants regardless of where you live. Our hand picked succulents and cacti are some of our favorite plants. Not only are they beautiful, they are sturdy and are perfect for shipping.

We wanted to create a curated gift collection where our arrangements would arrive at their destinations without any mess or stress.
 We had some trial and error along the way but our final product is something that we are completely in love with. We created The Green Box so that everyone will able to bring the outside in no matter where you are… and now you can.