Daniel Krieger is a professional photographer living in Brooklyn with quite the resume. He’s an award-winning wedding photographer, a sought after food & travel photographer (for the New York Times,, Food&Wine, Bon Appétit… to name a few), and an “iPhone only” Instgrammer who always catches our eye.

Most Likely To Photograph:
Excerpts from his travels, food & beverage accompanied with all the details needed to indulge & enjoy, and a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most beautiful Brooklyn weddings.

Why We Love Him:
Instagram has gotten some heat in the art community for “making everyone with an iPhone think they’re a professional photographer.” At Rue, we couldn’t disagree more, and are grateful that the app has given anyone with a smart phone the incentive to see & document the beauty in the world. And while we love seeing the photos of our friends & family, the app also gives us a glimpse at the artwork of professional photographers who we might not have discovered otherwise. Daniel Krieger is an extremely talented photographer with an uncanny ability to beautifully document everything. Food, weddings, travel… if he can aim his camera at it, the result is sure to be well-composed and beautiful. We first found him via the Instagram Blog, and have been huge fans ever since. Follow Daniel here for daily inspiration, but be warned. His photos may leave you craving a Brooklyn vacation and a delicious cocktail!

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