Dabito is a Los Angeles-based photographer, graphic designer, and the blogger behind OLD BRAND NEW.

Most Likely To Photograph:
Bold yet inviting interiors, mouthwatering & enviable entrees, and our favorite- the cool colors of California.

Why We Love Him:
Dabito caught our eye when his beautiful LA home was featured on Apartment Therapy… though we’ll be the first to admit we were totally late to the game. With nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram, we’re not the only ones admiring his well-composed snapshots. As a photographer & graphic designer, Dabito has an excellent eye for beautiful moments, and we’re oh-so-grateful that Instagram allows us to enjoy them on the regular. Whether he’s sharing images of the California coast or just a delicious ice cream sandwich, we’re pretty sure we could print & frame each and every one of his shots. Take it from us… this account will brighten and inspire ANY feed. (And to get even more Dabito-inspiration, head to his blog: OLD BRAND NEW.)

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