Located in the South of France, Chateau de Gudanes is deteriorating but dreamy. It’s currently under total restoration by Australian husband & wife duo, Karina and Craig Waters.

Most Likely To Photograph:
Every moment of the restoration process (from wallpaper to ceiling details), adorable neighbors, sweeping views of the property, and every hiccup & hurdle encountered along the way.

Why We Love Them:
While vacationing in the South of France, Karin & Craig Waters came face to face with their dream home. Nestled alongside the small village of Chateau Verdun, you could consider it a bit of a fixer-upper. Built in the early 1700s, Chateau de Gudanes needed a lot of work- yet it never stopped them from purchasing the property with hopes of restoring it to its full & former glory. Straight out of a romance novel, right?? Much to our delight, the couple began documenting the process on Instagram with to show off the past, present, and future of the Chateau. So far, they’ve received a tremendous amount of support and the couple plans to open its doors for visitors (and even weddings!) as soon as the Chateau is complete. In the meantime, we’ll be anticipating every post with bated breath. Joie de vivre, indeed!

For more information on Chateau de Gudanes, click here. To follow the progress on Instagram, click here