Amy Stone is a social media maven. With an impressive resume (touting names like the CFDA and Zac Posen), she clearly knows a thing or two about about that magic moment when fashion meets digital media. This creative New Yorker is currently on the global marketing team at Gap and uploads inspiring images of her own on the side.

Most Likely To Photograph:
In her own words, “the perfect tiled floor, marble countered-cafes, and good lighting.

Why We Love Her:
There is something so impressive about finding an Instagram account that displays constant cohesion. Each photo that Amy uploads looks as though it belongs in a series… whereas many of our own can feel random and impulsive. Her Instagram photos are well-composed and edited with a discerning eye. She definitely uses the social media app to its full potential, sharing her artistic viewpoint yet keeping the social aspect at the forefront. With a love for chic flats, good food, and the Big Apple- we have a feeling her account will be a favorite for a long time to come.

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