When Jonpaul and Anica moved into their space a little over a year ago, they say they instantly “fell in love with the large windows, natural light, oak wood floors, and clean lines… it seemed like the perfect blank canvas for us to build upon.” The pair have design chops – Jonpaul is a creative photographer and director while Anica is a producer and currently works on the Global Marketing team at Netflix* – but they weren’t exactly sure how to tackle designing a whole home. They have always lived in lofts or small studios; this was the first time they had to design a home with multiple rooms and over 2,000 square feet. “We laugh that we still aren’t quite used to having a house where we can close the bedroom door.”

They had no problem picking out pieces that they both loved but struggled to make the space work together cohesively. So they turned to Hutch, a platform and mobile app that mixes 3D technology with online shopping to let you virtually decorate your space. They say, “It was really exciting to see how things fit together in terms of scale and functionality. We had an idea of the style we were going for and we had no trouble picking individual pieces that we love, but it was difficult for us to conceptualize the entire design without seeing everything together — that was a really helpful advantage of using Hutch.”

A particularly challenging layout was the office, which functions both as a workspace for Jonpaul and as the guest room. According to the couple, “When putting together that room we aimed to find a balance between functionality and a space that inspires creativity.”

Looking at their home, it is not surprising that Jonpaul and Anica describe themselves as minimalist, drawn to “the simplicity of Japanese and Scandinavian design styles,” but they also love mixing art, pops of color and texture in their home to create a homey feel. It is through the art and bursts of color that their vibrant personalities really shine.

*Editor’s note: We’d be remiss not to mention that Anica is also the creator of LA Pug Meetup (how amazingly cute does that sound?!) 

See the whole home in the slideshow!