Kate Albrecht, aka Mr. Kate, is the self-described “pint-sized curly-haired” powerhouse behind the DIY-and-fashion-and-interiors-and-AWESOME site Mr. Kate. What once was a blog and Etsy store is now an international e-commerce brand. But Kate has stayed true to her original vision and is still focused on her goal of inspiring others to discover their own unique sense of style. Today, she’s teaching us how to create an interiors inspired DIY that’s perfectly on-trend for fall.

Natural stones, like lapis, are brilliant in color and also ideal for recreating with tissue paper decoupage because of their organic look. A project like this, as well as the Malachite Dresser from Kate’s book A Hot Glue Gun Mess, is a wonderful way to DIY the look of beautiful stone on an old or blah piece of furniture. You can go with a solid-wood piece that’s seen better days for a vintage look, or pick up an IKEA classic for a modern interpretation. Here’s how!

Wood furniture
Tissue paper in three different shades of blue (Kate used light blue, bright blue, and royal blue)
Decoupage glue, such as Mod Podge
Foam brush
Paper plate
Liquid gold leaf
Artist brush

1. Use a foam brush to cover a small area of the piece of furniture in decoupage. Lay down a sheet of the lightest shade of blue tissue paper and gently paint over the sheet with another layer of decoupage. Work with smaller pieces of paper to avoid air bubbles.
2. Rip strips of the two darker shades of paper and decoupage those over the lighter layer, leaving some light blue exposed. Make sure you apply decoupage glue to the area before and after you lay down each strip. It’s best to go from lightest to darkest when applying the tissue paper, so the darkest shade of blue should be the last layer applied. (Tip: Lapis seems to have layers of blues in sharp angles so ripping the pieces to be rectangular or square works best.)
3. Repeat step two until the areas you want covered, are covered.
4. Seal the piece of furniture with multiple coats of decoupage glue, letting each one dry before applying the next. You can get an even stronger seal using a finishing coat of clear polyacrylic, applied with a paintbrush.
5. Paint veins of gold leaf over the decoupaged blues to highlight the stone look.