A great art collection is what really personalizes a home, but sometimes collecting art can feel impossible without a huge budget and lot of art history classes. Luckily, we found Uprise Art where neither is a requirement. Uprise Art is an online art gallery that helps you discover original contemporary artwork for the spaces where you live and work. You can browse online yourself, and when you want, you can connect with a personal art advisor, free of charge, who will help you find the perfect artwork.

“In honor of spring, we decided to celebrate the classic vase, but with a distinctively artful approach. This curated collection features one-of-a-kind unique ceramic objects that can house beautiful stems, or serve as sculptures on their own,” says Ian Marshall, Uprise Art’s Curatorial Director.

We think a piece from their current collection of vases would be the perfect Valentine’s gift. Plus, because Uprise Art only features artist originals, your gift will be one-of-a-kind just like your love. (So order quick!) And as Ian points out, “flowers may wilt with time, but your stylish home will last! Flowers are often sold in ubiquitous glass vases, which are less than memorable. These handmade vases are unique, one-of-a-kind originals that make a statement with or without flowers.”

Take a peek in the slideshow for at some of the vases we put on our Valentine’s list!