When working on a recent renovation project we learned about a product that we just had to share with our readers. Mostly, when we think of luxury interior spaces, we think of all the elements that are a feast for our eyes, but there are also unseen elements in a space that add to the inviting nature of a given room. Schluter Ditra Heat provides an indulgent luxury and cozy warm experience for our tootsies. This electric heating system provides so many fabulous opportunities to warm tile floors in any space from a small bathroom renovation to a large kitchen. It is used with their uncoupling membrane that serves double duty by protecting tile and grout from cracking.

Unlike radiant floors heated with water, the system is easy to install. (For the DIYers, Schluter provides step by step videos.) The heating coil can even be used in certain areas so you can have warmth wherever you want the heat to be. We are huge fans of the idea of linking the Schluter Ditra Heat to a smart thermostat and programming it so when we step into our kitchen on a cold morning, we can do so barefoot. You may recognize their signature bright orange rolls from weekend trips to your big box home improvement stores. The cost and ease make it perfect for old houses, rental spaces, and projects of all sizes. So say goodbye to your slippers and do a little happy dance!