It’s not news anymore that AmericasMart is one of our go-to industry events of the year. Each time we attend, it just gets better. This summer’s market had headliners such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Nate Berkus, and Joy Cho giving talks! But this time marks an extra special moment for us — our Market Editor, Victoria de la Camara, flexed her design muscles to create a vignette highlighting some of the trends she’s been eyeing. Here, she’s giving a closer look at her design:

I was so honored when we were approached to design a vignette for this July’s market at AmericasMart. It’s not often that we get such an exciting opportunity to design a space with few limitations. I was given WGSN’s upcoming trend “Earthed” which is a modern twist on earthy elements. You can read more behind the inspiration behind the vignette in this article published last month!

The starting point for the whole vignette was the floors and walls — it was hard to make what is essentially a three-walled box feel like a real room. I wanted both the floors to be textured and have some depth. Luckily Portola Paints served as a great resource. Their Lime Wash wall-paint was a great way to re-create the look of cement floors. (Disclaimer: they are not supposed to be used for floors, but worked in this case where it’s only for display.) For the walls, I used their regular water-based paints with a Sandstone finish. It has a slight graininess that gives it that extra earthy feel. The color I chose was this beautiful warm gray (with a slight pinkish tone to it) called Full Circle.

To give the space more depth, I had Emdee International create these pretty linen hanging panels that were a nod to Japanese design. Instead of curtains, these sorts of panels could serve as window treatments as well as room dividers. The fabric that I chose was a sheer linen because I wanted to play with that idea of light being able to pass through.

I found some great foundational pieces at Zentique, Arteriors, and Jeffan International. All of these items had a Belgian earthy look to them, starting with the roll arm sofa from Zentique. I layered the round coffee table from Arteriors with a low-pile sheepskin rug from Farmhouse Pottery to add in texture, a nod to Scandinavian interiors that are about bringing the outdoors in. On the sofa and chair from Zentique, I found beautiful throws and pillows from the Ellen DeGeneres Collection at Loloi. I was captivated by quality of the thread and the pattern brought in a touch of globally inspired elegance and a little pattern to break up all of the neutrals.

Finally, the console area was about showing how different elements, each with their own point of reference to the “Earthed” theme worked well together. I fell in love with Ashleigh Ninos’ print for Artfully Walls which reminded me of minerals and geodes. The Elliot Sconce by Arteriors brought in a metallic touch that works so well with rougher, unfinished surfaces like the console by Jeffan International. I then found these marble rings by Jamie Young and the resin statue by Oly Studio that had a primitive sculptural quality that I loved.

This vignette was designed to be a small yet elegant space. I chose each item meticulously, in the same way that the imagined owner of the space would. For me, the future of the “Earthed” trend is really about making deliberate and calculated decisions about design. Contrary to the excess of maximalism, it’s about taking your time to carefully select each piece as if it could stand on its own, as well, of course, materials that have a raw, unfinished quality to them.

Click on the slideshow to see more of the vignette!