Remember the saying ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’? Well, this is a case where that saying applies – in spite of the fact that it’s hard to imagine how both Parachute, a home linens brand, and Hedley & Bennett, a kitchenware brand, could really do better than they already do in their own fields, their collaboration in this kitchen linen capsule collection shows that it’s possible. With an assortment of kitchen towels, pot holders, aprons and everyday table linens, this is Parachute’s first venture into kitchenware. We chatted with both companies’ founders, Ariel Kaye of Parachute and Ellen Bennett of Hedley & Bennett.

How did this collaboration come to be between Parachute and Hedley & Bennett?

Ariel Kaye: Ellen and I met at an event and really hit it off! I’m very much inspired by her and the creative vision of Hedley & Bennett. Over dinner a few weeks later we discovered how much we have in common – building a business is such a unique experience! Our conversation quickly turned to how we could support one another and bring our two brands together in a meaningful way. We had just launched our tabletop collection and Hedley & Bennett was exploring ways to appeal to more home cooks. We saw this collaboration as a way to benefit both of our businesses and have fun working together.  

Ellen Bennett: When I met Ariel (at an event in LA) I immediately knew we should do something together because there’s so much synergy between our brands. We’re both women leading companies, and pioneering in our spaces – and both brands are about quality and timelessness. I love Parachute’s beautiful, general neutral linens, and I knew Hedley & Bennett could be the bridge to bring Parachute’s aesthetic into the kitchen. I thought, with Parachute’s refinement and H&B’s colorful whimsy, plus our expertise combining form and function,  we’ve got a perfect storm for a capsule collection.

What was it that you were looking for before you jumped into the kitchen linen category?

Ariel Kaye: We love our tabletop essentials and are always looking for ways to expand. This is our first foray into true kitchen products. We are excited to offer pot holders and aprons – utility pieces for the kitchen – in addition to more beautiful table linens.

How did you translate Parachute’s quality and aesthetic into this new collection?

Ariel Kaye: When we started this collaboration we asked ourselves, “What are we both known for and how can we celebrate each other’s expertise?” We looked to Hedley & Bennett for their leadership on the construction of the aprons and pot holders, while we shared our insights on materials and quality for the tabletop goods. We are thrilled with the finished products!  

Ellen Bennett: Both of our brands are about quality, and using only fabrics that look good, feel good, and withstand the test of time… so we started the design process there. Then, we decided on a color palette of natural earth tones that would fit seamlessly into any kitchen and added the merlot colorway as a rich and lush accent.

Tell us how you chose the warm color palette used?

Ariel Kaye: Hedley & Bennett is known for their bright colors, while we built our brand on neutral tones. We found common ground with a palette that is vibrant and festive for the holidays yet complements our more subtle aesthetic.

What are some of the details that you’d like to highlight that are specific to this collection?

Ellen Bennett: The thing I love most about this collection is the fabrics – they’re soft and beautiful, but also durable. These aren’t precious linen napkins, but rather napkins you can put in the wash and know that they’ll hold up. Same goes for the aprons – they’re flowy and chic, but made for wearing every day. I also love how the table runners and napkins have a subtle contrast color edge – it’s a prime example of how we bring our Hedley & Bennett “pop of color” to Parachute’s minimal aesthetic.

Will there be more pieces coming out or is this a limited collaboration?

Ariel Kaye: This is a limited capsule collection. Get it while you can!

Check out our slideshow to shop the collection!