Towels are one of those lack-luster products that despite their daily use, are hard to shop for. Knowing how to spot good quality as well as something that’s pleasing to the eye are two major issues that we all face. Founders of the brand Weezie – Lindsey Johnson and Liz Eichholz – also felt this frustration and decided to do something about it.

After over a year of research on finding the right manufacturer, they were able to create a line of towels that had the right softness, absorbency, and aesthetics. Produced by a family owned and run factory in Portugal, Weezie towels are made of organic long staple cotton and can absorb up to 1 liter of water in seconds. Not to mention that the look of their towels makes them a pleasure to see every day. We asked the founders a few questions, to find out more about what makes Weezie so different than other brands:

You both currently live in two different cities (New York and Savannah), how did you two meet? 

We met over a decade ago through mutual friends in Athens, Georgia. While we attended different schools (Lindsey went to Vanderbilt and Liz went to the University of Georgia), we crossed paths several times throughout college. We became friends after graduating when we both moved to New York City, where Liz was the Creative Director at and Lindsey worked in finance and attended Columbia Business School. 

What made you start a brand that only focuses on towels? 

Towels are a product that you use every single day – and if you are like us, you sometimes spend more time in your towel than you would like to admit! Even when you aren’t using them, they are on display in your bathroom. Given the amount of time spent using or looking at them, your towels should bring you joy! When we realized we hated our towels and couldn’t find a satisfactory replacement, we decided to launch Weezie.

While we are starting with bath towels, we have big plans to expand into other categories that will help elevate your bathroom and your towel time. Stay tuned for some big announcements! 

Did you know anything about them when you jumped in? 

In short, not technically. But, we were all too aware of the things that bothered us about our towels and the brands that sold them. Before we officially jumped in, we spent months interviewing friends, friends of friends and total strangers to understand their gripes and their preferences. We then sought ought experts in the textile industry – manufacturers, consultants, distributors – to understand how we could actually make the perfect towel. It was a year plus long learning process, but now we can finally say we love our towels.  

You’ve spent hundreds of hours researching manufacturers and the quality of their product – what were you looking for and what did you finally decide upon? 

Our customers primarily care about three things, in this order: softness, absorbency, and aesthetics. The problem is that oftentimes towels that are soft are not absorbent, and towels that are absorbent aren’t soft. And it goes without saying that the vast majority of towels are just plain ugly.

We sought to maximize softness and absorbency, limit shedding, and to elevate the design of the towel so that our customers would be just as happy to use the towel as they are to display it in their bathrooms. What we settled on was a fluffy, plush, low-linting towel that can absorb over 50% more water than the average towel. Bonus: it looks as good as it feels!

What are the guidelines for finding quality towels?

There is, unfortunately, a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to understanding quality – the public has been trained to look for the maximum weight of the towel (referred to as “GSM”) but weight doesn’t actually indicate quality.  We define quality as maximizing softness and absorbency – both of which are ultimately determined by materials and process used in manufacturing the towel. 

We use the best materials – 100% organic long staple cotton – for maximum strength and softness. The cotton is then spun into a towel using an innovative technology, which traps air within each fiber. This increases both the fluffiness and the absorbency of the towel. We, of course, paid close attention to towel weight as well. We wanted a plush towel that wasn’t so heavy it would weigh you down, or wouldn’t dry quickly. Because of the materials and process we use to create the towel we are able to give our customers the soft, cloud-like feeling, but in a towel that dries quickly and won’t weigh you down. 

Tell us about what makes Weezie unique?

First and foremost, our product – a towel that is high quality and beautiful at the same time. We are one of the only companies that offers seamless online customization so that every customer can design a towel that will upgrade their bathroom. We have elevated the look of the towel by rounding the corners, adding a sleek piped edge and a discreet hook that will allow for more effective drying. The hook is a total game changer!

That all being said, we believe the real secret sauce to Weezie is our maniacal focus on our consumer, and our ability to react and respond to (nearly) every customer request. We are constantly evolving, but at our core, we just want to deliver the best possible experience and product to our customer so they can spend more of their time indulging in towel time. 

You love designers, what does Weezie offer them?

We do love interior designers! Designers, like us, appreciate the bath towel as not just a product you use to dry you off every day, but as an important design element in the home. Thoughtfully designed towels can bring so much life to any bathroom, and we love how designers express their client’s unique taste through their towel choices. We offer designers a seamless online ordering experience at a discounted rate and no required order quantity.

Our goal is to make the purchase process as easy as possible while delivering superior product quality in a shorter amount of time relative to the market. All we ask for in return is for them to help spread the word about Weezie through their social channels. 

Why should we invest in towels? And do they have a shelf-life?

You use your towel every single day; there is no reason to skimp on quality! You’d be surprised at how much high-quality towels can vastly improve your morning our nightly routine. Once you experience it you really cannot go back. Unfortunately, towels do have a finite shelf life. You wouldn’t wear the same t-shirt every day and expect it to last more than a year or two, and towels are the same way.

The most important factor in any towel’s shelf life is proper care. Through our research, we learned that most consumers don’t know how to properly care for their towels. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Wash every 3-5 uses, avoiding bleach and fabric softener and ALWAYS tumble drying on low. This will ensure your towel stays absorbent and gets fluffier with every wash.
  • Use makeup towels – this will keep your white towels looking fresh for longer.
  • Unfortunately, even with the best care, towels may have to be replaced about every 2 years. We took this into consideration when pricing our product so that each use costs you less than 8 cents ($58 per towel, 1 use / day for 2 years).  

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