Flower arrangements, while beautiful, can at times seem nearly impossible to put together. However, thanks to the talented Jenny Kaplan of An Aesthetic Pursuit, who we first met in her apartment tour, we can create this easy ombre flower arrangement, too! With her simple steps you’ll have the perfect arrangement just in time for the summer!

1. Choose a gradient range of color that will flower into a nice ombre effect. Lay out the flowers on a large enough surface from darkest to lightest. For this particular arrangement, I chose a variety of seasonal summer flowers. This mix includes peonies, sweet william, spike flower, dahlias and hydrangeas.

2. Select a vessel for your arrangement. Make sure it’s the proper height for the flowers you have chosen. Also, an opaque vase helps to hide the stems.

3. Prepare your flowers prior to arranging them. Run the stems under room temperature water to clean them, then cut at an angle. Remove any leaves that will be submerged in water, as this creates debris.

4. Start to place flowers in vase. Anchor your arrangement with the darkest flower you have chosen to create a base layer. Continue to section off the vase by color and flower to build up the ombre effect.

5. Find a lovely spot in your home that will accent your new ombre floral design!  


1. Mix in flowers from your local supermarket with finds from the flower market to create an affordable and elegant arrangement. Whole Foods for example always offers a 3/ $15 promotion where you can find staples such as wax flowers, tulips, sunflowers and alstroemeria.

2. Get creative with your vessel. It’s always fun to repurpose household items to display your arrangements. Items such as water glasses, water pitchers and teapots make great alternatives to a classic vase.

3. When purchasing flowers always choose those with their buds closed. This increases your arrangement’s longevity.

That said, we can’t wait to create this beautiful arrangement! Also, don’t forget to follow Jenny Kaplan on instagram at @jennykaplan. Flower’s purchased at Dutch Flower Line, in New York City, NY.