Jen Macdonald’s recent project in the Bay Area was inspired by a modern farmhouse and nowhere is that more evident than in the kitchen, which is the center of the home. Farmhouse-inspired kitchens are extremely in demand; the airy layout, clean counter tops, and organic details of this space illustrate why. If you missed the home in our most recent issue, see the whole space here, and see how to make the kitchen your own in the slideshow!

Organic materials abound in the kitchen, including multiple tones of wood from the lower cabinets to the rafters above. Even if you don’t have the amazing built-in details, a wood kitchen island or cart and wood accessories can create the same feeling.

To keep it from getting too dark, large escapes of white space from the subway tiles to the concrete built-ins lighten the visual weight of dark woods, as well as modernize the space. The inclusion of marble continues the organic material trend while lightening and brightening.

Last, industrial details like the lighting above the kitchen counter and the stools that surround it bridge the gap between the rustic wood and concrete counters. Because the lines are kept clean, there is just a hint of the farmhouse and plenty of the modern that the homeowners requested.