With the weather heating up, we’re daydreaming of getaways to friendly little beach towns. Since booking a trip isn’t on today’s agenda, we’re revisiting the airy and bright beach house from our latest issue. Designed by SA&V as a family’s beachside refuge, the home captures the carefree spirit of Comporta yet brings modernity to the rustic town.

The room’s major furniture pieces are finished in different patterns of stripes on white. The stripes of the upholstery are subtly mirrored in the shiplap (proof the shabby chic material can be trés chic as well!) And by keeping the majority of the room white, the space feels fresh and open.

Plenty of natural materials – hide, jute, fur, coral – bring the outdoors in. No beach house is complete without natural materials, but be intentional to avoid looking like the beach was swept in by the tide. Opt for one large piece of coral vs. many scattered about and select furniture with clean lines. A bonus- those director’s chairs are easy to move around and rearrange for parties or for admiring the sunset on the back porch.

Speaking of bright colors, the hot pink details go beyond a pop of color; shall we say a full-blown splash? The pillows, the ottoman detailing, the modern art. With ‘hot’ right in the description, the color channels the intensity and warmth of a summer day, balancing the line of sophisticated and fun.