Building storage into furniture is a great way to add space to a home with limited closets, but it doesn’t have to be all wardrobes and trunk chests to add more storage space. Instead, we’ve searched through budget-friendly furniture retailer Sauder to find our favorite pieces that add functional storage while not sacrificing on stylish form.

What we love about these selections is how they offer a combination of hidden storage space, open display space, and, in many cases, a work surface as well. Even for pieces that don’t hit that trifecta, you can add in functionality with a simple fix. For example, for pieces like the Wall Shelf bookcase that doesn’t have hidden storage, you can add baskets to a few cubbies to store small or less attractive items. Regardless of whether you need more storage in your office, kitchen, living room or bedroom, Sauder has options in a range of styles. Click through the slideshow to see how we bring extra function with each new piece.

Find your own from Sauder: Wall Shelf Bookcase // Storage Ottoman // Credenza // Desk // Gourmet Stand // Mobile Island Cart