Love getting into the holiday spirit but not a everything red-and-green type of gal? Meg Allen Cole shows us how to be unconventional in holiday decorating with a wreath-replacement you’ll want to leave up all winter.

Copper tubing
Festive greenery from your local flower shop
Suede, leather, or whatever scrap piece of fabric you have
A needle & thread
Copper wire

1. Have a piece of cooper cut for you at the hardware store. (Sample measures 23 inches.)
2. Cut a piece of your fabric that is about a half of an inch wide, and however long you want. (Sample is 30 inches long.)
3. Wrap one end of your fabric strip around your copper tubing.
4. Tack it in place with your needle and thread.
5. Repeat on the other end of your fabric strip.
6. Spread the 2 fabric ends out on your copper tubing, and lay out your greenery.
7. Cut several pieces of copper wire that measure around 7 inches long.
8. Lay your greenery and holiday foliage atop your copper tubing until you have your placement all set.
9. Wrap your copper wire pieces around your greenery to secure it to the copper tubing.
10. Tie it tightly in the back and cut off any excess.
11. Add the last 2-4 pieces of greenery to the wreath going the opposite direction.
12.Tuck the copper wire under some leaves to keep it a little hidden.

When you are satisfied with the layout of your greenery on the copper tubing, hang your nontraditional “wreath” on your front door or above your mantle. Or better yet, bring this along with you to your next holiday party as a hostess gift.