There are many Scandinavian brands to keep track of, but at the top of your list should be Ferm Living. Year after year they design classics that we love: from their squares blanket to their marble accent tables. So naturally, when a new collection comes out, we’re curious.

Although true to their Nordic roots and lines, Ferm Living’s Spring/Summer collection for 2017 has an opulent feel. Inspired by the French salons of the 19th century, where fashion and interiors weren’t so far apart, their new soft goods and accessories have a glamorous look. The Salon Cushions are high fashion in pillow form, showing off cool patterned fabrics and interesting color combinations. Another favorite of ours, is the Coupled Candle Holder that has a modern twist on Venetian antiqued mirror. The same effect can be seen in the Coupled Trays. Finally, for those of us that love a little bit of glamour, the Ripple Champagne glass feels like an antique from the prohibition age.