Wallpaper is having a major moment, but can feel like a big commitment! For those of us who like to change our space up and don’t want the permanence of a traditional wallpaper, or those who are renting our homes, allow us to introduce a game changer: Minted’s new wall murals!

The murals are all made from multiple adhesive panels, and have a matte luxurious finish. They’re tear resistant, so they’ll stand the test of time, but can easily be removed when you’re ready. Plus, the murals don’t require professional installation. (Seriously — check out these 6 easy steps.)  

The murals are designed by Minted’s independent artists all across the globe, so there’s something to suit everyone. You can bring the outside in, amp up your kiddo’s imagination, or simply bring big style to a small space

The starting price is $330 for 6 ‘x 8.25’ and they come in a variety of sizes. Start the slideshow to see our favorites!