Moll Anderson is an inspirational interior designer, an Emmy Award-winning television personality, and an accomplished author. Her home and lifestyle books have long inspired fans to live their most beautiful lives, and her latest will be no exception. Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color, which is out on March 14, will entirely transform the way you use color in your home.

Color is deeply emotional, and when it’s visible in the home, can have a very powerful effect on behaviors, emotions, and even well-being. In the book, Moll explains how you can achieve a more vibrant, energetic, and overall happier life by adding certain colors to the mix. In the slideshow, Moll offers a preview of the book’s vibrant pages… AND shares a few insider secrets about #RevivingTurquoise, #TransformingBlackAndWhite, #MotivatingMetals, #EnergizingOrange, #UpliftingPink, and #BalancingGreen.