The last few days of September make us think of transition, when things are not all the way one thing or the other. We just said goodbye to summer and are now heading into fall, but it’s not quite sweater weather. Trying to find a perfect balance is a tricky thing, whether it’s knowing how to put the perfect transitional outfit together or creating a space that feels sophisticated but doesn’t take itself too seriously. That’s why we were inspired by Jules Sariñana’s outfit whose moody blues made us think of this private apartment in the Hotel du Ministere. Both seem to live perfectly in a world of in between; here’s how:

1. Elegant Black Lines—Jules’ black leather leggings operate very similarly to the iron beams in this space. They serve to create a sleek profile and give the feeling of elegance. With a base like this, it’s a lot easier to bring in more playful elements.

2. Bright Blues in Various Shades—once you have an elegant canvas, bringing in bold color can be done while maintaining a sophisticated look. But if you want to bring in even more style, include pieces that have various shades of the same tone to add nuance and depth.

3. Mix Patinas—from her suede sneakers, to her letter bag, and denim shirt each item in Jules’ outfit has a different sheen (some less and others more). Similarly, in a room, like the Hotel du Ministere, work with matte surfaces (like the hardwood floors), velvets that have an ombre effect, and reflective materials such as glass (like cabinet at the back).