We frequently share stylish lighting options here on Rue, but what about the bulb itself? You know, the thing that actually illuminates the room? The right bulb makes a key difference – from fitting the design style of the space to casting a warm glow with the right level of illumination. And of course, there is the question of energy efficiency. That’s where Tala comes in.

Founded by a group of friends from The University of Edinburgh, Tala is a line of affordable and eco-friendly bulbs that last for 10 years or more. The concept started when the trio were working in Portugal. Co-founder William Symington explains, “We all happened to be studying subjects that reflected our shared passion for design, technology and sustainability. After graduation, we spent a summer installing solar panels at a winery in Portugal, and suggested LED lighting to the architect in charge to further boost the project’s green credentials. His lament at their clunky design set us on a mission to create our own to see just how far the design limits of the light bulb could be pushed. And so, Tala was born – and the rest, as they say, is history.”

William acknowledges that, while energy efficient, LED bulbs haven’t always cast the best light. So Tala has worked hard to ensure that their bulbs don’t face the same criticisms of being cumbersome or lacking warm ambiance. William says, “The future of eco-friendly lighting will be determined by whether the existing preconceptions that surround it can be overcome. Because this is our ongoing mission at Tala, it puts us in the unique position of being ahead of the curve – we have an amazing Director of Engineering and Design Director who are committed to developing the most beautiful lights, using the most pioneering and ground-breaking technology. And, advancements in LED technology have allowed us to challenge and reimagine the standard bulb form, so we’re also laying the groundwork for a decorative eco-friendly lighting market as well. This has opened up a whole world of possibilities going forwards – both for the brand, and the eco-lighting industry as a whole.”

The team has intentionally designed a collection with a wide range of well-designed options. He says, “From the clean, pared-back aesthetic of our new Porcelain range to the more industrial, retro look of our exposed Edison-style bulbs, there is something for everyone – and, every price range.”

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